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REALLY think about your words
before you speak
they can mean different things
to different people

To think that they didnt even look like they tried to hide
sometimes you try to convince yourself things are okay when they are not
I always say to myself “it is what it is”
time after time - I kept trying to convince myself that it was ok Force myself to turn my cry into a smile and say, "OK I'm happy for you"? Even smiling can feel very strange and I found it kind of sad
I didn’t realize how poorly sad
even smiling can feel very strange and sense doubt in you

dear no one

my way out - เราจะเอาแต่ feeling
you’ve probably noticed that I’ve become more distant, and my mood isn’t the best. I get angrily easily now. you’ve probably noticed that I’ve become more distant, and my mood isn’t the best. I get angrily easily, no letting go, no holding back. sometimes suddenly want to do a burst attack..

my way out - "เรา" อยู่ด้วยกันนะ
can NOT  just forget that you won't be here..

not to be able to stop thinking that you and me are get into each other with meaningfully or just accidentally..

my way out - thats how people are

WHEN people don’t get what they want then they must surely suffer, that's how people are

PEOPLE are not perfect sucha an idea there's no "undo/edit/delete" button for those things we have done

JUST so you know as soon as something becomes past, its not real anymore
PAST is PAST anyway and you can’t go back and change it for better


IF you could go back in a specific point before and event, even though you can’t be sure or expect with the different results, right?

..WHAT is the point to live with suffering? 

WELL, there is no better way than stop living in the past and start living in the present, accepting life as it is now. don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next 

AND try not to make the same mistake twice this one is kind of hard but you have to let go to move on & move forward (take a revenge for f-cking chance)




my way out - no way out (sometimes)

Dear life

I'm sorry for letting you tolerate this loneliness and has been not so spectacular lately and always suck that i don’t even want to smile when wake up in the morining just seems life is so hard for me to be happy like some other people

As you probably say don't leave me here standing lonely..

my way out - stay as awesome you are •.★

every now and then you have anxiety approaching

so you get an empty, lonely feeling inside. every ones handles things differently,

so you never know what could happen. always remember,  

no matter how shitty things may seem and how annoying they may be,

no matter how desperately addicting something may be,

there are moments where you need to change something and there are things,

that can be even more addicting and it’s possible when you really intend to do

something for the betterment. this is a part of the process of improvement.

you get what you want and what you need to know all this and then no one can beat you.

so just stay as awesome you are •.

my way out - just let it go or what

passionate desire & dream destiny
always having mazes and distractions along the way
it's not what we don't know that hurts
just what we know that ain't so

though the fact that you can’t just go out
and even make the first move and eventually feel better
but empty lonely and sad

when that time comes just continue to be strong
stay focused lookin' straight forward ‘n keep your head up high


my way out - other words

I don't think i understand just as much as i feel it

The Heart Asks Pleasure First

And then, excuse from pain

And then, those little anodynes That deaden suffering

And then, to go to sleep

And then, if it should be The will of its Inquisitor The liberty to die.

 (E. Dickinson syllabus)

As tracing our progress through life

 The child wants pleasure.

As we grow older, we experience pain, which increases with age.

At first we want not to feel pain;
then we realize pain is inevitable and ask for relief from pain.

The kind of relief we ask for becomes greater
as the pain increases until finally the only escape from pain is death.



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